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O que é Pilates

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a training method created by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) and is approximately 100 years old. Mr. Pilates used to say "The basis of the construction of the method of physical conditioning is a body trained and actively controlled through the mind". Thus the main purpose of this method is to control the body through the mind. And by giving such a great emphasis to this necessary control, the method was initially called Contrology.

Pilates consists of a set of low-intensity and low-repetition exercises that allow us to achieve physical and emotional well-being through 7 principles: concentration, breathing, core activation, precision, movement control, fluidity and routine.

The exercises strengthen and lengthen the body, improve posture and flexibility, assist in joint mobility and work self-control and breathing. In addition to these benefits they help to improve body awareness. That's why, every day, more people surrender to the Pilates method!

Anyone can practice Pilates, and therefore we see a great diversity of practitioners, from healthy people, athletes, people with musculoskeletal disorders to pregnant women, among others.

At Physiokinesis we decided to combine the benefits of Pilates with Physical Therapy! Here classes will be given by an experienced physiotherapist and in groups of 2 to 3 people or in personalized training. This way your training will be safer and according to your needs.

Treino Personalizado de Pilates

Personalized Pilates Training


In personalized training you will, first of all, carry out a detailed evaluation of your health status,
of your static and dynamic posture, of your general and core strength and of the stability and mobility of the various segments of your spine.

After analyzing this evaluation and drawing the objectives together, a training plan will be drawn up for you.

Personalized training is suitable for anyone with or without a pathology. Being that wether in the professional or in the amateur athlete, Pilates in personalized training can improve sports performance and technical gesture.

Practitioners of sports such as golf, surfing and running often turn to these services.

Aulas de Pilates em Grupo

Pilates Group Lessons


Group classes will consist of 2 to 3 people per class, this way we can guarantee that the exercises will be executed more efficiently and correctly.

We designate these training classes as semi-personalized, since we have such small groups that it allows us to pay more attention to each person both in correcting the postures and in the execution of the exercises and in promoting strategies for a better execution, of that exercise, for that specific person.

In addition to the advantages of having a physiotherapist as an instructor and the group having up to 3 people atmost, Physiokinesis also lets you create your own schedule! Join one or two friends or colleagues and choose the appropriate time for you, if not, you can join existing classes.

Pilates em Casa

Pilates at Home


For those who cannot go to our clinic, we offer Pilates Solo classes at home with the use of small equipment such as Magic Circle, Dumbbells, Elastic Bands and Balls. The class can be taken with one or two students, depending on the space available.

Classes are one hour long and are mainly suitable for individuals with great physical limitations or simply for those who prefer a private lesson in the comfort of their own home.

Pilates com Grandes Equipamentos

Pilates with Large Equipment


In addition to the types of clinical pilates classes held on the floor, we also hold clinical pilates classes with large equipment.

This equipment allows a greater diversity and dynamics of exercises, while facilitating the maintenance of postural alignment and making it possible to perform the exercises safely and with low risk to each person's clinical condition.

Through different degrees of difficulty and various positioning, the huge variety of clinical pilates exercises on equipment are intended to work on muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, postural stability and mobility of the spine, and can act as support, assistance or resistance to movements.

Our Equipment includes:

Reformer: considered the main equipment, it was created by Joseph Pilates while working in a hospital during the 2nd World War to help his patients gain muscular strength. It consists of the combination of a spring system with a mobile base on which exercises can be performed lying down in all positions, sitting, standing, kneeling and crawling.

Reformer with Tower: reformer adaptation to perform the main exercises of the Cadillac/Trapeze Table to train abdominal muscles and mobilize the spine through movable/fixed bars and versatile spring systems and in various positions.

Wunda Chair/Pilates Chair: more compact but very versatile, this equipment consists of a wooden box combined with pedals through an integrated spring system, in which countless exercises can be performed standing up and sitting down, but also lying down, allowing for excellent abdominal work.

Ladder Barrel: created by Joseph Pilates from a beer barrel, this equipment is a combination between a backrest and a round surface and barrel shape, through which you can perform various exercises to mobilize the spine, stretch and flexibility, but also muscle strengthening, especially of the abdominals, including the obliques.

Whether it's to recover and/or prevent injuries or simply to stay active, it is possible to do exercise appropriate to your needs, in a safe, didactic and fun way, and contribute to an increase in motivation for physical activity and an improvement in quality of life and health levels!

Our Clinical Pilates classes with large equipment have two modalities: individual or in groups of 2 people. This way we can give a personalized training to each person.

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